Row over Plus One Chemistry scheme finalisation continues

Teachers allege seniority overlooked on the list for the process scheme finalisation

Thiruvananthapuram Eleven teachers who were part of the 15-member committee that was appointed to revise the answer scheme for the Chemistry Plus Two higher secondary examinations are on the list of teachers selected for the scheme finalisation for the Chemistry Plus One higher secondary examination.

The scheme finalisation for the subject was held on Thursday, though it has not been published.

The government had on June 20 published a 13-member list for the Plus One Chemistry scheme finalisation. But for two, the rest of the names on the list were part of the 15-member expert committee appointed by the government to resolve the row over the Plus Two Chemistry answer script valuation in May.

Higher secondary teachers had a few days ago alleged that seniority had been given the go-by in selecting teachers for the Plus One scheme finalisation.

Applications had been invited from experienced and senior teachers in the districts for the scheme finalisation camp. However, these have been overlooked to include leaders of pro-government teachers’ organisations on the list for the scheme finalisation.

Teachers say the practice is to include teachers from all districts as those who participate in the scheme finalisation camp have to attend valuation camps till their closure in the district concerned. However, the list for the Plus One Chemistry scheme finalisation had four teachers from Kollam and two from Thiruvananthapuram, while some districts had gone unrepresented. This will give rise to problems at the centralised valuation camp, they say.

The list even includes people who had not applied for the scheme finalisation and those whose close relatives had appeared for the Plus One examinations, they allege.

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